Catering for all types of anglers, with four Lakes spanning the complex,there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re into big carp, catfish, pike, match sized carp, bream, tench or big roach Water Meadows Fishery has it all.


THE SPECIMEN LAKE is the new lake with the finest fishing in Skegness, which covers a 7 acre site with 4 acres of water to fish. When stocking is completed there will be approximately 300 fish from 10lb to over 40lb. 30 fish over 20lb, 3 over 30lb and 1 of around 40lb will eventually be present.

There will be 16 pegs on the lake, with only 12 being used for the majority of the time. There are several islands and sunken bars creating many fish holding features in every peg.


THE MOAT is a 60 peg canal type match/pleasure lake between 13m and 14.5m wide, containing a variety of species. Carp to double figures, barbel to 6lb as well as bream, tench, crucian carp, perch and roach are all present in large numbers.

Open matches are regularly held on the moat as well as the very popular Fish4 £5K+£5K competition, match weights regularly exceed 100lb with the match record standing at 230lb.

Pleasure anglers are able to park behind every one of the 60 pegs on the lake and with level access only have approximately 10mtrs to walk with their tackle making it ideal for anyone with mobility problems.

Pellet, luncheon meat, maggots and worms are amongst the best baits to use with a little and often feeding pattern usually being the best option. Pole is the dominant method but feeder can also produce great sport.


THE RUSH POOL has just been converted to another match/pleasure lake able to hold 23 anglers. This lake was originally the specimen lake and still holds carp to 20lb, bream to 13lb as well as a large stock of smaller fish. The feeder will be one of the best methods on this venue.

Moat Stock Pond

1 Day Adult (1 Rod) £6.00
1 Day Adult (2 Rods) £7.50
1 Day Concessions (1 Rods) £5.00
1 Day Concessions (2 Rods) £6.00
24 Hour Night Fishing £17.50

Rush Pool

1 Day Adult (1 Rod) £6.00
1 Day Adult (2 Rods) £10.00
24 Hours (2 Rods) £17.50
24 Hours (3 Rods) £20.00
48 Hours Fishing £30.00

For more information contact Andy 07712223625